San Simian – Hostel & Cabanas

San Simian is a hostel that offers five different cabanas each with a fair deal of privacy and each placed very nicely around the property with trees and walkways leading down to the water. They have a small restaraunt/bar with a view looking down at the water, and they offer kayaks and a catamaran for rent. They also have a nice wooden dock leading out into the water and tree shaded water access.

We were struck by the general beauty of the layout of this place and it seemed like a very quite and pseudo-secluded place to spend some time. It is a little further out there to get to but by further we are talking maybe a 25-30 minute walk through the Laguna community from where the main road comes down or about a five minute drive at most. This adds to the quiet atmosphere as it is a little removed from the others but well worth it once you get there

Private cabanas start at $50 USD and generally they are worth it. Some have a private small backyard and all of them are well placed with some privacy along the property. One Cabana we looked at  for $70 dollars had an awesome deep jacuzzi style bath tub right outside the room but walled in for privacy as well as an additional small private backyard area. This place also accepts credit cards and as with most, the manager was extremely friendly. Day use is also possible for $5 dollars.

Location and Contact: (505) 813-6866 and Cell (505) 850-8101
Turn right at triangle, go past norome and follow signs. or visit San Simian website.